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Tea (Tra) Vietnamese Drink

Tea (Tra)

Since long ago, tea has been planted in Viet Nam. Tea is dear to the Vietnamese people as coffee is to the European people. The province of Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang, Yen Bai and Lao Cai, are regions famous for their tea plant hills. There are ancients tea plants, 300 years old or [...]
Kim Son Wine in Ninh Binh Vietnamese Drink

Kim Son Wine in Ninh Binh

Kim Son is the only coastal district of Ninh Binh province. Wine making is long found in Kim Son in some villages like Hoa Lac, Ung Luat, etc, but the most famous one is Lai Thanh. In order to have tasty wine, the part of choosing ingredient is the most important. The glutinous rice is [...]
Van Village Wine in Bac Ninh Vietnamese Drink

Van Village Wine in Bac Ninh

Van Village is located right beside Cau River in Bac Ninh province. The ancient capital of North Vietnam was long famous for the home of Quan Ho folk song, Dong Ho traditional picture, the hometown of many talented people. Many people have crossed Cau River, drinking Van Village wine, but there are not many people [...]
Go Den wine Vietnamese Drink

Go Den wine

Go Den wine is a kind of white wine, which is made of rice with traditional processing method, alcohol concentration is quite high, sometimes it reach to 50o , this famous national wine of Viet Nam is made in Go Den, Ben Luc, Long An Province. This is a specialty of Long An and even [...]
Snake wine Vietnamese Drink

Snake wine

It is an alcoholic beverage produced by infusing the whole snakes in rice wine or grain alcohol, this type of wine can be found at Snake Village near Hanoi, any major city of Vietnam as well as other countries across South East Asia. The snakes are mostly immersed in 100% rice wine in special glass [...]
Kim Long Wine in Quang Tri Vietnamese Drink

Kim Long Wine in Quang Tri

Kim Long is a small village of Hai Lang in Quang Tri province, which is only separated with Hue city by a river name O Lau. The main ingredient for this kind of wine is water. In the French colonial era, the local wine made by local people were moved into a wine factory after [...]
Phu Le Wine in Ben Tre Vietnamese Drink

Phu Le Wine in Ben Tre

Phu Le is an agricultural village in Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province. Phu Le has a rich soil base and mild people. Phu Le wine carries a taste of Mekong Delta which is deep and wild as the wind of South Vietnam. Phu Le wine is said to be a swashbuckler, which is used [...]
Dalat Wine Vietnamese Drink

Dalat Wine

As with most other Asian countries, wine is not the first commodity that comes to mind when thinking about Vietnam. However, Dalat, with its cool central highland climate and strong French heritage, is an anomaly that producing artichokes, asparagus, strawberries and most recently- wine. Being not similar to its more sophisticated brethren in France, Northern [...]
Medicine Wine Vietnamese Drink

Medicine Wine

Medicine wine is a potent form of distilled rice alcohol infused with herbs, fruits, spices, and wild animals like snakes, geckos, and seahorses. Many endangered species are poached for use in medicine wine, including bears for their bile, and dear for anlers, hooves, and fetuses. Some herbal varieties are indeed tasty and may have health [...]
San Lung Wine in North Mountainous Area Vietnamese Drink

San Lung Wine in North Mountainous Area

San Lung wine is found in some of north mountainous areas like Lao Cai, Ha Giang provinces. The ingredients for this wine is rice planted in terraced-field and some herb leaves. There are two types of San Lung: the white crystal color and light black brown. The wine of San Lung is said to be [...]


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