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Wedding Feast in Hanoi Vietnamese Meal

Wedding Feast in Hanoi

Hanoi cuisine is the gathering of many different regions. However, it is not overshadowed because of that. In contrary, it creates a unique color for Hanoi cuisine: gentlemanlike and elegant like people of Hanoi. Accordingly, Hanoi feast of wedding and especially the old feast of wedding have many difference with the other regions of the [...]
Feast in the day of God of Kitchen Vietnamese Meal

Feast in the day of God of Kitchen

Honoring the God of kitchen, people have to place in the kitchen. When praying, they have to turn on the cook to let the fire on, so the kitchen would be full for the whole year. Vietnamese suppose there are three Gods of kitchen who decide and bless the good work for the house owners. [...]
The New Year’s Eve Meal Vietnamese Meal

The New Year’s Eve Meal

The meal in the last day of the Lunar year is considered the very important and the traditional beauty of Vietnamese for generations. After the whole hard-working year, the last day of the lunar year is a summarizing chance for everything and taking about what they have experienced in the whole year. In the New Year [...]
Traditional Meal of Vietnamese Vietnamese Meal

Traditional Meal of Vietnamese

In the traditional meal of old Vietnamese, there are three main foods: rice – vegetable – fish. Rice is on the top of meal structure: “People live on rice, fishes live on water”. Vietnamese plants two types of rice: glutinous rice and plain rice. Plain rice is used in daily meal. Vietnamese also considered rice [...]